Ruined Navigators Guild

Ruined Navigators Guild

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"Well who thought putting a big ol' bronze ball on the side of a tower was a smart move anyway, thought they were all meant to be high flutin' intellectuals in there! Even i could have told them what physics was gonna say about it"
Gary Mason, clearing the rubble

The ruined Navigators Guild is a great terrain feature for a ruined capital or coastal city. packed with character, the guild is designed to look like some colossal storm or force of nature has ripped through the building, tearing the astrolabe off the tower and ripping through the building below.

  • Footprint: 220mm x 160mm (8.67" x 6.3").
  • Total height: 245mm (9.65").
  • Floor level height: Lv1 40mm, Lv2 105mm, Lv3 185mm


3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from