Hellfrost City Book 5: Freetown City of Crime

Hellfrost City Book 5: Freetown City of Crime

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A canker. A blight. A plague. A city of thieves and murderers. Freetown has been called many names and they are well-deserved. Home to countless pirates, smugglers, murderers, and worse, Freetown is ruled by the tyrannical Lord Blackhand. Within its winding streets visitors can find anything they desire, so long as they have the funds to pay for it. But be wary, for the vile inhabitants would slit a man’s throat without hesitation for a handful of coins.

Inside you will find:

* Information concerning the city’s history, social hierarchy, government, military, religion, and more. Gamemasters can weave this information into their adventures, while native player characters can use it to enhance their heroes.
* A full color, double page map of the settlement.
* Dozens of unique locales that can serve as places to visit or spend money, or as the focus for an adventure.
* Detailed information on thieves’ guilds, offering a wealth of new ideas for roguish player characters.

This book is designed for GMs and players.

The Hellfrost City Books are guide books that expand upon the information detailed in the
Hellfrost Gazetteer and Hellfrost Atlas. They are written for the epic Hellfrost setting, which
is designed for use with the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG.