fallout: Super Mutant Suiciders
fallout: Super Mutant Suiciders

fallout: Super Mutant Suiciders

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Nothing scares a Wastelander more than Suiciders, Super Mutants with a penchant for really REALLY big booms. Suiciders run headlong toward the enemy, soaking up an insane amount of fire before slamming their bombs into the ground like a Gridiron player making a touchdown. the results, if they can pull it off, are breathtaking. An unfortunate victim is unlikely to survive unless they are fully encased in power amour.

this set contains 3 Super Mutant Suiciders, as well as unit cards for playing with them or using them in Fallout: Wasteland Warfares AI system. There are also 10 item, boost, explore, event and wasteland cards to add to your collection.