Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet

Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet

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The Royal Navy of the late 18th century was perhaps the best trained Navy of the era. with Britain heavily invested in her colonies and maritime trade the navy was built as a formidable bastion to any power that wanted to disrupt her trade routes or attempt to assail the islands themselves.

This box set contains:

  • 1 resin and metal 1st rate
  • 3 plastic 3rd rates
  • 3 plastic frigates
  • 6 plastic brigs
  • 1 resin and metal gunboat
  • Metal backplates and figureheads to build famous 3rd rates and frigates
  • Printed sails
  • ship cards
  • Wake markers
  • Bobbin for rigging
  • Acetate Ratlines
  • A sheet of flags & pennants
  • assembly guides

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly.