Trench Walls Bundle #2

Trench Walls Bundle #2

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The World War 2 Trench Wall System. This Modular system can be arranged in a variety of different configurations. Consisting of four individual sections. All the trench components will tile with each other. You can also embed these into a hill. They are based on 50mm x 50 tiles.

This is printed for 28mm scale, if you want a Trench Walls Bundle in a different scale please contact us at to let us know and we will give you a quote.

  • 28mm footprint: 50mm x 50mm (2"x2")
  • 28mm total height: 30mm (1.5")
  • 28mm floor level height: 30mm (1.5")

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from