WARCRY: Core Book

WARCRY: Core Book

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The Core Book is your primer to the Warcry, giving you the rules to play alongside art and lore that sheds light on the shadowy reaches of the Eightpoints. You’ll have the chance to discover the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar as you’ve never seen it before – a dark and wondrous realm of blood, magic and monsters, where spires of cursed crystal and gheist-haunted ruins litter a broken land.

You’ll be able to recreate this world for yourself on the tabletop with rules for gaming, including expanded options for open, matched and narrative play. Perhaps you’ll fight sprawling, chaotic multiplayer battles – or fierce, tightly balanced tournament-tier games with like-minded friends. For narrative players, meanwhile, an in-depth campaign system brings incredible opportunities for storytelling.

Warcry campaigns are your chance to tell truly epic tales of conquest and bloodshed. Assembling your roster, you’ll embark on your choice of faction quests to search for relics, empower your fighters, and win glory for your leaders. As you triumph in battle, you’ll add more fighters to your warband, improve existing ones, and embark upon convergences – key narrative battles in the story of your warband that depict anything from bloodstained shamanic rituals to a madcap attempt by the Gloomspite Gitz to steal as many glass bottles as they can.* Even if you’re new to narrative play, generation tables for names, warband origins and warrior backgrounds allow you to forge compelling stories easily.

The Core Book is included in the Starter Set, as well as being available separately at launch – perfect if you’re splitting the set with a friend and don’t want to have to share a rulebook with your new arch-nemesis!

Release date: 3rd August 2019