Ruined Sorcerers Tower

Ruined Sorcerers Tower

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"Behold, the folly of dabbling where man should not!"

The Ruined Sorcerers Tower is a 2 story building with what remains of a great tower attached, now collapsed through the roof of the residence. This is a phenomenal piece for any wargaming table, but in particular for your Mordhiem or Frostgrave battlefields.

This is printed for 28mm scale, if you want a Miners Shack in a different scale please contact us at to let us know and we will give you a quote.

  • Footprint: 250mmx200mm (9.84"x7.87").
  • Total height: 225mm (8.86").
  • Floor level height: 1st = 20mm, 2nd = 80mm, top of the tower 210mm

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from