Ruined Port Tavern

Ruined Port Tavern

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The center of any good town is of course its Tavern, where people can go to socialize, travelers can find board and nourishment and the crazy local drunk can recount to anyone who will listen about the Fish-People who live in the bay.

This Tavern is no longer open for business, rather it is wide open to the elements. What caused such damage to this building? Were the Fish-People responsible? Who knows, but it makes one amazing piece of terrain for a ruined township in either a fantasy or historical setting.

Due to some fiddlier bits, this set comes unassembled in order to get the best detail possible in the print.

  • Footprint: 200mm x 220mm (7.87" x 8.66").
  • Total height: 155mm (6.10").
  • Floor level height: 10mm (0.39")

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from