Mushroom Forest Bundle 1

Mushroom Forest Bundle 1

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Deep in the Underdark, away from the burning rays of the sun, sits the Myconid caves. A warren of tunnels so large dragons could freely fly its passages, and where darker things than goblins dwell away from prying eyes. Down here in the dark where few plants grow the mushroom forests reign, their spore-cap canopies rising high above the ground while mycelic mats creep between the stalagmites below. they are home to whole ecosystems of troglodyte creatures, just waiting for clueless adventurers to stumble into their domain...

The Mushroom Forest Bundle is a group of 4 highly detailed miniatures designed to spice up any underground battlefield. They are great as area terrain in larger wargames or as scatter terrain during intense Underdark missions.

The following measurements are a rough guide to the sizes of each of the 4 pieces in the package

  • Footprint: between 70mm x 70mm (2.76") and 100mm x 100mm (3.93").
  • Total height: between 165mm (6.5") and 200mm (7.87").

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from