Caribbean Shack

Caribbean Shack

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Down in the bayou, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities on the coast, sits a little shack. Hidden away where only those with a boat can reach, sitting on its stilts, the little getaway is a perfect place for gangsters to lie low or perch for the locals to hunt gators from.

This is printed for 28mm scale, if you want a Caribbean shack in a different scale please contact us at to let us know and we will give you a quote.


  • Footprint: 75mm x 75mm (2.95"x2.95").
  • Total height: 110mm (4.33").

Mangrove trees:

  • Footprint: 65mm x 55mm (2.56"x2.17").
  • Total height: 120mm (4.72").

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from