Trenchworks Bundle: Zig-Zag Redoubt

Trenchworks Bundle: Zig-Zag Redoubt

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Artillery roars as the poor infantry huddle further down into their earthworks, praying the shells pass harmlessly overhead. From the mid 19th century until WWII trench systems where a ubiquitous part of "modern" warfare, only falling out of favor with the invention of the tank and mechanized warfare. This bundle gives you the great basis of a trench system, with 2 corner section, a straight and a redoubt and entrance.

This is printed for 28mm scale, if you want a Trench Bundle in a different scale please contact us at to let us know and we will give you a quote.


  • 28mm footprint: 100mm x 100mm (4"x4")
  • 28mm total height: 25mm (1")
  • 28mm floor level height: 25mm (1")

3d Printed models are supplied unpainted and printed in grey PLA filament under license from